Launch Day!

It's crazy how a dream can become a reality. It's hard getting up the courage to make the investment, not only the money but putting the time into something you want to become a reality when there is a clear and present risk that maybe no one wants what you have or maybe the entrepreneurial dream isn't what is best for you. I have worked hard to put aside all the worries and whoas that come into my mind because lately I have been reminded too many times that life is short. 

This company is rising from a place of loss.  The loss of my best friend who was a real go getter who's life was cut short so young. She was the queen of wanting something and making it happen.  I also lost my Grandpa, a man of the outdoors who spent his life serving those around him, from his time spent serving our country, to caring for our great state parks, to serving his community as a school bus driver and even a term as mayor. These two people I held so dearly but their lives were cut short (my grandpa may of been in his eighties but he had plenty of life left in him before his unexpected death) and they still managed to live to the fullest.

Rising from loss Hoag Road Maker Co is about three things, the beautiful world around us, living life fully and supporting and honoring the community that surrounds. 

Our Mission