Hoag Road Maker Co. is a Skagit Valley based company that I started with it's  roots in a love for the beautiful Pacific Northwest and the need to surround myself with beauty. I am Kierra, the owner and primary maker here. After studying art in college and working in textile manufacturing for the last 6 years it's time to put the skills I have to use. Along with some guest makers I am working hard to stock a market of beautiful things to wear as well as decorate your home. Hoag Road Maker Co. is about community above all else.


::Current Makers::

Kendra McConnell runs a wedding coordination business of her own called Kendra McConnell Event Services. KMES knows how to make any party beautiful and run smoothly.  Staying on top of wedding trends is important in her business and because of that she has fallen in love with macramé. Kendra carefully ties beautiful plant hangers, wall hangings and other macramé goods that will make you swoon! 

Find her: EventsWithKendra.com - Facebook - KMES Instagram - Creative Instagram - Pinterest


Andrea Goff runs a fantastic shop called We Wanna Be Us where she makes and teaches beautiful hand embroidery as well as does wonderful calligraphy among other things! She also coordinates weddings as if everything else wasn't enough!

Find her: WeWannaBe.Us - Facebook - Instagram - Etsy


Abigail McKinney is a student of art, a private teacher of art and an amazing illustrator! Always making beautiful things Abi truly lives and breaths art. With a fascination for the nautical as well as fantasy she enjoys imagining worlds beyond her own.

Find her: Facebook - Instagram